On 1 February 2016, our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the "Seal of Excellence" in a highly competitive evaluation process by the European Commission. To download our AEDES Seal of Excellence please click here.

On 17 October 2016, our innovative our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the prestigious "Horizon 2020 Grant" by the European Commission within the SME Instrument, Phase 1.

The advantages of building the load-bearing construction of buildings with ASET-concretes are:

1. 30%÷50% lower mass than when the same building is built with RMX-concretes, thereby also making dimensions of beams, columns and foundation by 30% lower, which all significantly reduces construction price, and at the same time

2. low thermal conductivity, which significantly reduces construction price even further.

The advantages of construction of walls and ceilings with ELG-blocks and ELG-inlay-bricks are:

3. walls have low thermal conductivity, i.e. act like thermal insulation in the building, saving energy required for heating and/or cooling without any need for installation of additional thermal insulation, thereby reducing the construction price,

4. all walls in buildings can be reinforced with horizontal and vertical rebar, enabling us to build reinforced concrete walls by 50% cheaper than our competitors who mould them on site with RMX-concrete, additionally lowering the construction price and increasing the stability of buildings 2 times,

5. walls have 3 times higher load-bearing capacity than at our competitors, which also enables significantly cheaper construction in seismic prone areas or buildings with more than 7 floors,

6. the buildings with 10 floors do not have primary load-bearing concrete construction, and

7. when building ceilings, ELG-inlay-bricks have equally high load-bearing capacity like ASET-concretes they are made of and which is cast over them, so that together, they build ceilings of low-thermal conductivity and high load-bearing capacity (3 times larger than at our competitors).

All AW-granulates, ASET-concretes, ELG-blocks and ELG-inlay-bricks satisfy all EU ecological standards from production, through use, until and including disposal. Savings and gains in production of ASET-concretes, ELG-blocks and ELG-inlay-bricks make them superior to our competitors because their production saves energy, as there is no baking phase involved and is furthermore sustainable, because it preserves environment through lack of any CO2e and use of various types recycled waste instead of natural resources (thereby reducing landfills). ASET-concretes, ELG-blocks and ELG-inlay-bricks save energy required for heating and/or cooling because they act like additional thermal insulation in the building.