On 1 February 2016, our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the "Seal of Excellence" in a highly competitive evaluation process by the European Commission. To download our AEDES Seal of Excellence please click here.

On 17 October 2016, our innovative our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the prestigious "Horizon 2020 Grant" by the European Commission within the SME Instrument, Phase 1.

ELG-products (products made of ASET-concretes) are:

1. sleepers,

2. safe-line barriers,

3. facade thermal covers,

4. kerb-blocks,

5. hollow-core slabs for ceilings and walls, and

6. special concrete-bridge-mix for protection and repair of damaged bridges and viaducts.

ELG-products have superior quality, high load-bearing capacity and small mass (20% lower than at competitors), whereby we lowered the costs of transport and construction by minimum 20%.

In the EU, it has been spent more than 30,000,000,000€ yearly for expensive protection and repair of damaged bridges and viaducts by using ready-mix-concretes of our competitors. ASET-concrete-bridge-mix is directly applied on the damaged bridges and viaducts, without any major preparatory works, by 30% cheaper and with an exploitation life 3÷5 times longer than at competitors.

As an illustration, a single factory with production capacity of 18000pcs/day of ELG-blocks and ELG-inlay-bricks uses minimum 42000tones/year of combined recycled waste with no carbon footprint (0tones/year C02e) and no natural gas at all (0m3/year) compared to 12000tones/year CO2e and 58000m3/year of natural gas required for production of the same amount of clay blocks and clay inlay-bricks of our competitors. Our competitors that produce lightweight concrete blocks and lightweight concrete inlay-bricks reduced the mentioned negative effects by 30%, whereas we eliminate them entirely.