Special seismic-safe version of ELG-blocks (the first in the EU, the US and Canada) have extra high load-bearing capacity (reinforced with rebar) for construction walls of buildings in earthquake prone areas.

ELG-seismic-safe-blocks are used for construction of all exterior and interior walls and ceilings of energy-efficient and highly-safe-seismic masonry buildings and they have: low thermal conductivity 0.5÷0.9W/mK, small mass 7÷13kg and high compressive strength 30÷60N/mm2. Thanks to this, the construction of the walls of energy-efficient and seismic-safe buildings is 2 times faster and cheaper than at our competitors. 

On 1 February 2016, our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the "Seal of Excellence" in a highly competitive evaluation process by the European Commission. To download our AEDES Seal of Excellence please click here.

On 17 October 2016, our innovative our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the prestigious "Horizon 2020 Grant" by the European Commission within the SME Instrument, Phase 1.

The new revolutionary innovative designs of ELG-seismic-safe-blocks are business secret, are currently in the patent grant procedure and can only be disclosed to our business partners at this stage. The special design of ELG-seismic-safe-blocks enables their inner divisions to follow the directions of shear forces caused by strong earthquakes, which increases their resistance to stress due to earthquake forces.

Average prices ELG-seismic-safe-blocks are 0.63÷1.26€/pc.

Dimensions (other dimensions are also feasible in case of a market need):
1. ELG-blocks for partition walls: 10x50x24cm, 12x50x24cm, 17x40x24cm, 20x40x24cm
2. ELG-blocks for load-bearing walls: 25x40x19(24)cm, 30x40x19(24)cm, 38x40x19(24)cm.