We designed several hundreds of different prototypes of lightweight concrete blocks (ELG-blocks) with the use of ASET-concretes. ELG-blocks are used for construction of all exterior and interior walls of energy-efficient masonry buildings and we can also produce them in a special seismic-safe version with extra high load-bearing capacity for earthquake prone areas. 

On 1 February 2016, our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the "Seal of Excellence" in a highly competitive evaluation process by the European Commission. To download our AEDES Seal of Excellence please click here.

On 17 October 2016, our innovative our innovative ASET Concretes and ELG Blocks were awarded the prestigious "Horizon 2020 Grant" by the European Commission within the SME Instrument, Phase 1.

The new revolutionary innovative designs of ELG-blocks are business secret, are currently in the patent grant procedure and can only be disclosed to our business partners at this stage. ELG-blocks have small mass and high load-bearing capacity and low thermal conductivity at the same time (there is no block offered by our competitors that has all those characteristics).

All ELG-blocks are significantly cheaper and more competitive than the products offered by our competitors (producers of clay and lightweight granulate blocks) thanks to:

(1) savings and gains in their production and use,

(2) their unique innovative revolutionary design and

(3) their extraordinary physical and technical characteristics.

In addition, all walls built with ELG-blocks can be reinforced with rebar (in contrast to competitors), thereby making their load-bearing capacity and stability equal to the best reinforced concrete walls built on site.

Savings and gains in production of ELG-blocks make them superior to our competitors because their production saves energy, as there is no baking phase involved and is furthermore sustainable, because it preserves environment through lack of any CO2e and use of various types of recycled waste instead of natural resources (thereby reducing landfills). ELG-blocks save energy required for heating and/or cooling of buildings because they act like thermal insulation.

Innovative revolutionary designs of ELG-blocks (our business secret) enables all walls in buildings to be reinforced with horizontal and vertical rebar (the first real substitute for classical reinforced concrete walls), and thanks to this we will build cheaper reinforced walls by 20% in Serbia and 50% in the EU, the US and Canada than our competitors who mould reinforced walls from RMX-concrete on site.

The superiority of ELG-blocks when compared to the blocks of competitors is reflected in excellent physical and technical characteristics: smaller mass by 20%÷50%, 3÷4 times higher compressive strength, thermal conductivity with the quality equal to the best thermal blocks, 5 times higher resistance to the destructive effects of water, moisture and salt. The buildings built with ASET-concretes and ELG-blocks are going to have higher quality and 3 time longer service life and be cheaper, which will result in significant competitive advantage in the market.

Average prices ELG-blocks are 0.59÷1.16€/pc.

Dimensions (other dimensions are also feasible in case of a market need):
1. ELG-blocks for partition walls: 10x50x24cm, 12x50x24cm, 17x40x24cm, 20x40x24cm
2. ELG-blocks for load-bearing walls: 25x40x19(24)cm, 30x40x19(24)cm, 38x40x19(24)cm