One of our core innovations is sustainable eco-construction of prefabricated 100% mounting-dismantling and reassemblable energy-efficient and energy-efficient&seismic-safe modular buildings made with large panels (Phoenix Prefabricated-Buildings). Thanks to the innovative and modular revolutionary construction system that enables completion of 90% of a fully finished building in factory and only 10% on site (the need for workers on site is 2÷3 times lower, construction time is 3÷5 times shorter), as well as easy and simple interlocking of joint connections through bolts between Phoenix-panels, Phoenix Prefabricated Buildings can be easily constructed, new floors can be easily added to the existing Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings and architectural form, dimensions and structures can be easily changed similarly to “LEGO” pieces. Thus, using the very same Phoenix-panels, we can construct buildings of various architectural designs, number of floors and intended use. Serbian standards on construction of the energy-efficient and seismic-safe buildings are fully in line with the respective EU standards, which means that Phoenix Prefabricated Buildings can easily satisfy all standards in the US and Canada as well.

The key construction elements of all Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings are our innovative ASET-concretes, Phoenix-panels, and truss steel beams.

Our innovative eco-lightweight-granulate ASET-concretes are made of innovative AW-granulates (a new formula on the optimal amount of various types of recycled industrial waste, such as pyrite burns, recycled granulated glass, granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash, etc,), Portland cement and water. ASET-thermal concretes have 2÷2.5 times smaller mass, 5÷10 times lower thermal conductivity and high compressive strength (30÷60N/mm2). ASET-thermal concrete and AW-granulate satisfy all European ecological standards from production, through use, until disposal. In production of AW-granulate, only waste proven to be harmless to human health is being used.

On 1 February 2016, our innovative ASET Concretes were awarded the "Seal of Excellence" in a highly competitive evaluation process by the European Commission. To download our AEDES Seal of Excellence please click here.

We made 200 different thermal-concrete mix designs for various prototypes of ASET-thermal concretes, from which we made several dozens of prototypes Phoenix-panels. Our unique Phoenix-panels, which we use for construction of all walls and ceilings of Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings, are made from structural steel frame and the following panel infilling: plasterboard, ASET-thermal concrete, steam barrier, thermal insulation and facade cover (according to customer’s choice: colour-mortar-facade, brick-veneer façade, wooden facade etc.). Steel frame of panels and truss steel beams for ceilings are made with our originally designed cold formed thin steel profiles. The key element in composition of Phoenix-panels is ASET-thermal concrete due to its high load-bearing capacity and small thermal conductivity.

Interlocking of Phoenix-panels, beams and anchors is swift, thanks to the superior solution of standardized joints fastened with bolts. In the same way, the dismantling of Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings is swift and easy, just as it is their reassembling on a new location. Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings system is an open-architecture modular system and enables the use of materials of different qualities and prices. Thus, we can easily, swiftly and at minimal additional costs adjust the documentation for one type of Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings to various needs of our customers based on different quality and prices of the construction materials used (cold-steel-profiles, ASET-thermal concrete, thermal insulation, facade covers), which will enrich our offer on market.

An accredited laboratory and the leading IMS institute from Belgrade that conduct tests according to the EU norms and standards and in simulated operational environment issued us certificates confirming high performance physic-mechanical properties of ASET-thermal concretes and Phoenix-panels. The attests obtained confirm that Phoenix-thermal concretes and Phoenix-panels have:

(1) low thermal conductivity 0.3÷0,9W/mK (savings on energy for heating and/or cooling of Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings, 30% better than at competitors),

(2) low density 1000÷1400kg/m3 (easy and cheap transportation, mounting on site and cheaper load-bearing construction) and

(3) high load-bearing capacity 30÷60N/mm2 (possible construction of buildings even up to 10 floors and high seismic-safety of Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings).