Target customers of our innovative Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings are:

1) Dwelling: buyers who need high-quality and affordable energy-efficient buildings, constructed quickly;

2) Easily movable facilities with various intended uses: buyers who need high-quality buildings which can be dismantled several times and re-assembled without damages at new locations (for needs of army and police forces, for scientific and mineral research, etc.);

3) Extreme weather conditions/short construction season: buyers who need quick construction of high-quality buildings in regions with very cold and/or warm climate, where favourable conditions for construction are very short (mountains and very cold regions, remote islands and very warm tropic areas);

4) Aggressive environments: buyers who need construction of high-quality buildings resistant to destructive effects of moisture, salt and carbonic acid (in maritime climate, industrial facilities, etc.);

5) Disaster prone regions: buyers who need a quick construction of highly-safe buildings against very strong earthquakes, destructive winds and tsunami waves in regions prone to such conditions (for example, California region);

6) Building in earthquake devastated areas: buyers who require urgent and swift construction of whole residential areas after devastating earthquakes;

High-quality of Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings residential areas can be built as a permanent dwelling solution, but also if buyer wishes so, temporary prefabricated-buildings residential areas of good-quality could be built. Temporary Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings residential areas can later be dismantled and sold to a new customer/buyer (second life of buildings, like used cars).

Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings enables construction of both houses and multi-floor (1÷10 floors) buildings with the same Phoenix-panels, which means that we can produce the facilities of the most diverse architecture, number of floors and intended use. Moreover, in accordance with the final customer’s needs, it is possible to build Phoenix-panels with the materials of various quality (steel, ASET-thermal concrete of lower or higher thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, façade, etc.) so that our partners/licensees can construct buildings of medium or high quality. Thereby, the construction price can be even cheaper up to the additional 20% accordingly.

Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings have a high durability against very strong earthquakes of magnitude 9th Richter, as well as against destructive winds blowing over 300km/h and tsunami waves (confirmed through testing of a computer model of Phoenix-prefabricated-buildings).